The description of each track will be published soon.

1.Conference Theme Track: Information Systems for a Sharing Society

2. General IS Topics Track

3. Business Analytics and Big Data

4. Business Models and the Value of IS in a Digital World

5. New Directions in Organizational and Behavioural Security and Privacy Research

6. Contemporary Socio-Technical Perspectives

7. Design Research in Information Systems

8. Digital Ecosystems: The Economic, Social, and Environmental Impact of Pervasive Connectivity

9. Digital Institutionalization

10. Digital Transformation of the Public Sector

11. HCI in a Sharing Society

12. Health Information Technology and IS for Healthcare

13. Cognition and Human Behavior in IS

14. IS Innovation Adoption and Diffusion

15. Knowledge Managament and AI

16. Managing IT Projects in a Digital World

17. Modelling and Managing the Digital Enterprise and its Business Processes

18. Openness and IT

19. Personal ICT Design Use and Impacts

20. Research Methods and Philosophy

21. Rethinking IS Strategy and Governance in the Digital Age

22. Service Innovation Engineering and Management

23. Social and Ethical Implications of ICT Use

24. Social Media - Digital Work Digital Life

25. Sustainably Digital