Most would agree that that the sharing society has much to offer for the mobility of the future: car sharing and bike sharing, for instance, are prominent concepts enabled by digital platforms and mobile applications. Moreover, these concepts promise to contribute to solving some of the key challenges of our time - including the depletion of resources and climate change. At the same time, it is also clear that the market is in its infancy (most people in the developing world still own their own vehicles), that there are a host of unresolved problems (just think of vandalism), and it is not clear what business models will succeed (although the first success stories exist). The panel looks critically at the current state and future prospects of smart mobility concepts in the sharing society - from both a research and practice perspective.

Moderator: Jan vom Brocke

Professor of Information Systems, Hilti Endowed Chair of Business Process Management, Head of the Information Systems Department at University of Lichtenstein. Jan focus on various aspects of digital innovation and transformation as well as the management of processes in a digital world.





Sara Araya

Sara is a designer and creative mind, educated at Konstfack with a MFA in Textile design. Later, she geared her professional life and interests towards the innovation process. Today, she is at Openlab and works with gathering public partners, academia and the private sector to work together in order to tackle societal challenges.







Johann Kranz

Johann Kranz heads the Professorship for Internet Business and Internet Services at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (LMU). He teaches and researches in the fields of internet economics, digital transformation and business models with a focus on blockchain and sustainability. His research appeared in Information Systems Journal, Energy Policy, Journal of Service Research and numerous other renowned outlets. Johann is an active member of various associations and associations in which he engages in responsible digitalization.


MariAnne Karlsson


MariAnne Karlsson is professor (full) professor in Human-Technology Systems, at Design & Human Factors, Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. For more then 20 years her research has concerned sustainable transport, more in particular if and how people’s travel patterns change given different interventions. During the last years she has been involved in several projects concerned with Mobility-as-a-Service from different perspectives. The projects include Go:Smart (and UbiGo), MaaSiFiE, IRIMS and most lately KOMPIS with particular responsibility for the development of an evaluation framework. She has published a series of academic papers on the topic.



Joel Rozada

Started Techno Creatives 2006 and have since started 19 companies in 5 countries. Well-known speaker with experience from TEDx, Chinaprenuers, Automotive, Design, Entrepreneurship. Extensive experience from board and management both international and domestic. Investor and fundraiser in several startups with several successful exits.


Lena Holmberg

From PhD in Pedagogy to founder of startups and enabler of urban sustainable development. Lena combines different themes in her current position at IMCG. She currently strive to involve the human perspective in digital innovation within the area of future mobility.




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