ECIS 2019 is co-hosted by Stockholm University and Uppsala University.

Doctorial Consortium Venue

The Doctorial Consortium will take place mainly at Gimo Herrgård, a mansion in the countryside just outside of Uppsala. For more information, visit the ECIS DC page.

Workshops & Tutorials Venue (Kista Campus)

Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University has its premises at Kista Campus- Nod huset (Nod Building). Which is 30 minutes with public transport, from the main Campus Frescati. The Nod huset was built in 2014.

For more information, please visit Kista Campus page. The orientation maps of the premises (Nod huset) can be found here.

Main Conference Venue  (Frescati Campus)

Conference Openning on June 12 & June 13, Aula Magna

Aula Magna was designed by architect Ralph Erskine (1914-2005), together with Lars Wilson, and inaugurated in 1997. 

Conference Paper Sessions on June 12-14, Södra huset

Södra huset was designed by architect David Helldén (1905-1990) after a Nordic architect competition and was inaugurated in 1971. The complex consists of six tall buildings, named using the letters A-F. A low, elongated structure connects the tall buildings, which are arranged in parallel position to each other with green gardens in between.

For more information, please visit Frescati Campus page.