The Doctorial Consortium will take place mainly at Gimo Herrgård, a mansion in the countryside just outside of Uppsala. But we will start off with a welcoming reception in the Uppsala University Main Building in the Chancellor’s Room.

The Uppsala University Main Building:

For more information about Gimo Herrgård:


Participants are expected to have arrived in Uppsala for the welcoming reception taking place on Friday the 7th of June starting at 16.00.

After the reception a bus will transport us all to Gimo Herrgård where the D.C will continue throughout the weekend and transportation will be provided back to Uppsala on Monday 10th of June upon the ending of the D.C. The arrival time in Uppsala central station is 10.00 on Monday 10th of June and from there many options for transport to Stockholm is available, see travel info below.

How to travel to Uppsala

To travel to Uppsala from Arlanda airport or Stockholm city centre, the train is the easiest way. You can book tickets via or you can purchase the ticket at the airport or the central station of Stockholm.

When arriving in Uppsala, the University Main Building is a 15 min walk from the central station, or if taxi is preferred there are always taxis waiting outside of the train station. For directions, see;

Please check visa requirements under the Travel on the ECIS 2019 website and do not hesitate to ask us for advice or help.


For more information of DC at ECIS2019, please contact the local organising chairs at Uppsala University: 

Anna Henriksson (

Claes Thorén (


Uppsala University, Department of Informatics and Media: