Dear Colleagues,

Please follow the resigration instructions to complete your registration. Currently, we only accept payment via bank transfer. You may try this online service.

There are several common problems you may encounter in the registration process.

1. Check carefully if the registration fee is correct based on your AIS membership types (Academic, Student or Professional). ECIS 2019 has different prices for different groups (see registration fees). If the total price is not correct, then please contact for assistance.

2. When you make the payment to ECIS 2019 via bank transfer, make sure that you transfer the EXACT AMOUNT shown on your registration confirmation email. Additionally, you need to pay the bank tranfer fee according to your bank rules.

3. When you do the bank transfer, you must mark your payment at least with "ECIS". This helps us better to identify your payment. 

4. If you would like to pay with your credit card for the registration fee, then please wait until we have the PayPal solution implemented, hopefully, before the end of April. 

ECIS 2019

Oganizing Committee