As the regional two conference of the Association for Information Systems (AIS),all the Conference participants, including academics, students and professionals, registering to ECIS 2019, must have both an AIS account and an AIS membership. If you are not a member or you need to renew your AIS membership, then create/renew your AIS membership. You must do this before you register to ECIS 2019.

Create AIS Membership

  1. AIS membership registration 
  2. Select Your Member Type (Academic, Students, Retired academic, Professional, or Exhibitor/Sponsor, etc.) then Continue
  3. Create a Username and provide First and Last Name then Continue
  4. Accept this Membership and Continue
  5. Complete the member information then Submit

Please be aware that it may take up to 20 minutes for a new AIS Membership Activation/Renewal to be recognized in the ECIS 2019 Registration System.

Register to ECIS 2019 

  1. ECIS 2019 Registration System 
  2. Click Register Now (may require you to sign in with your AIS account)
  3. Are you registering yourself? Select Yes, click Next
  4. Select your registration choices
    i.      ECIS 2019 Meal Preferences is required
    ii.      If you register a guest, you need to select Guest-meal preference as well as the Guest passes (coffee and lunch, or reception ticket, etc.)
    iii.      Click Next
  5. Update name badge, any special needs, and food allergy information. Click Next
  6. Verify that the payment summary is correct, if yes, click Next; if not, click Previous.
  7. Select Generate Invoice
  8. The registration confirmation is sent to your email. You may also print a copy of your registration details from the “ALL DONE” page of the ECIS 2019 registration system.

Please follow the ECIS 2019 Payment Instructions (157 Kb) to pay your registration successfully.