1. Are there payment options other than bank transfer?
We are working on a solution that would allow us to accept credit card payment via PayPal. However as a state-funded institution, Stockholm University must comply with strict accounting laws that have, unfortunately, delayed the implementation of this system.

2. Are substitutions allowed for paid registrations?
Yes, substitutions between delegates from the same organization can be made on or before 15 May 2019. Contact register@ecis2019.eu for additional information.
NOTE: Substitutions must be current AIS members.

3. Do you need to register for the workshops?
Yes, you do need to register for the workshops.

4. May I attend all workshops and tutorials.?
The registration fee for workshops is 1000 SEK and you may attend all workshops within these two days. You don't need to specify which workshops you will attend.

5. What does each registration include?
The workshops and tutorials are organized over two full days, with 19 workshops and tutorials, as well Stockholm City reception organized at Stockholm City Hall, which is the place for Nobel Prize Gala.

The Main Conference is organized over three full days, with 25 research tracks. An opening reception at the Nordiska Museum and a gala dinner at the Vasa Museum are also included.

6. Will refreshments and lunch be served to workshop participants?
Yes. Coffee, tea, snacks, and lunch will be served these two days. You need to specify your food preferences when you register for ECIS 2019.

7. Will I be able to meet with potential employers for job interviews?
Please contact your potential employers for further information.

8. What are Swedish public holidays?

Swedish public holidays (From March 1 to June 15, 2019)

Easter: April 18-April 22

May Day: April 30-May 1

Ascension Days: May 30-May 31

Sweden National Day: June 6

ECIS 2019 will be unable to help you on these days.