Dear ECIS 2019 participants,

Thank you very much for registering to the conference. We warmly welcome you all to Stockholm in June.

We very much regret that a solution to pay by credit card (hereafter called the PayPal solution) is not ready for you. Due to strict regulations in Sweden as well as the several demands from PayPal, we have faced extreme challenges in completing a solution that allows payment via credit card.

However, in addition to solving the PayPal issues, we are currently working on a separate credit card solution.

Since you have completed your registration, you can wait and pay your registration until the new credit card solution becomes available. The registration fee will the same as the amount due shown on your registration confirmation email from AIS.

We will inform you when the new payment system is ready for you.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


Best regards,

ECIS 2019

Organizing Committee