Congratulate to presenting your Research-in-Progress Paper at ECIS 2019. The poster sessions are held in June 13, 2019. Please follow the guidelines carefully and present your paper successfully.

Poster Slam Presentations

Each presenter will get 2 minutes and up to 3 slides MAXIMUM (including title slide). Within these 2 minutes, 15 seconds are needed for changeover, and thus presenters are held to deliver their presentation in 1 minute and 45 seconds. Given the tight timing constraints, presenters will be cut off if they exceed their allotted time.

To ensure compatibility of the slides (which will be combined into a single file), Poster SLAM Presentations should be created using the Poster Slam Presentation Template (138 Kb) and save as a pdf file. Note that we will NOT accept updated versions of the presentation once it is submitted.

Your final file should be named according to your Submission ID, e.g. “1001.pdf” (this is the same ID you received from the paper submission system PCS).

Send the pdf-file to, by Midnight May 31, 2019 (CEST).

The SLAM presentations are scheduled for June 13. Slam session 1 is between 10:30-12:00. Slam session 2 is between 13:00-14:30. Find your sessions at Poster Slam Schedule (17 Kb) .

Make sure that you are in the presentation room at the latest 15 minutes before the session starts to meet the session chairs.

The ECIS 2019 Research-in-Progress Chairs will moderate the poster slam presentation sessions.

ECIS 2019 Research-in-Progress Chairs

Bendik Bygstad, University of Oslo, Norway
Carol Hsu, Tongji University, China
Joan Rodón Mòdol, ESADE, Barcelona, Spain

The Design of Your Poster

You must follow the poster template and design your poster accordingly.

The format for the posters can be found at ECIS 2019 Poster Template (91 Kb) .

The ECIS 2019 logo (112 Kb) is available for download.

You are responsible for printing your own poster.

Responsibility as a presenter at the Poster Sessions

Research-in-Progress Poster Presentations will directly commence the Poster SLAM Presentations and continue during the day. We have reserved poster boards for each research-in-progress paper. The boards will be made available to the poster presenters on the morning of Thursday, June 13 and they will be removed at 19 o’clock on the same day. You are requested to mount your poster to the board before the start of the Poster SLAM Presentations. This will allow a smooth transition from the SLAM Presentations to the Poster Presentations. Location of the Poster Presentations will be signposted at the conference venue.

The authors are responsible for producing the posters themselves and they should be present during the Poster Presentations. If one author represents the entire team, that person should be capable of answering any questions concerning the poster.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!