Relevant dates:

Submissions due by March 15

Replies by April 15

 The Workshop will be held on June 10, at Stockholm University’s Kista campus

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Submission instructions:



The main purpose of the workshop is to arrange discussions on using a socio-technical perspective in organizational system development, the long term goal being to make this workshop a meeting place for the community of researchers and practitioners interested in the socio-technical approach. Following the purpose, only part of the workshop is devoted to presentations, the rest is designated for collaborative work. This year we follow the practice introduced at STPIS’17 and will be working on a real case from the local industry.

Submission categories:

  • Position papers (6 pages)
  • Idea papers (12 pages)
  • Experience reports (12 pages)
  • Research papers (12 pages)
  • Posters (3 pages)

Workshop chairs:

Stewart Kowalski, NTNU, Norway, stewart.kowalski at general chair

Peter Bednar, School of Computing, University of Portsmouth, UK,  peter.bednar at – program chair

Alexander Nolte, University of Tartu, Estonia, alexander.nolte at – publicity chair

Ilia Bider – DSV, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden, ilia at – local chair


We are planning to produce proceedings on-line via CEUR services, which has been done for STPIS’15, STPIS’16, STPIS’17 and STPIS’18.  CEUR proceedings are indexed by DBLP, Google Scholar, Scopus, CiteSeer/CiteSeerX, etc. For Scandinavian researchers, the publisher is in the Norska systemet rated as level 1 (which is the highest level for the conferences and workshops).

5th International Workshop on Socio-Technical Perspective in IS development (STPIS'19)