IBM workshop on June 13

Speaker: Dr Herbert Daly from University of Wolverhampton

Workshop Moderator: Paul Fairbairn, IBM 

The computing curriculum at University level continues to develop new specialisms and points of view. The Enterprise Computing perspective, for example, encompasses key topics for commercial computing at scale. It is increasingly important for courses in Computer Science and Information Systems. The IBM Mainframe platform (IBM Z) has helped define the role of Enterprise Computing since its inception and continues to support leading edge IT applications; Underpinning traditional mission critical information systems, particularly in the finance and retail sectors, while also enabling Big Data, IOT, Blockchains and Secure Cloud Systems. Despite the platform’s popularity, Mainframe focused leaning materials have often only been available through commercial training companies. However, through the IBM Z Academic Initiative IBM  is now making a variety of resources for IBM Z (platforms, software, tools, teaching materials) available to both university lecturers and students. The aim is to support a growing and innovative community of practice on the Mainframe and help graduates access opportunities requiring specialist knowledge and skills. None the less, some academics who could use the available resources are unaware of these technologies or how to use them in new or existing programmes. This talk will explain why Mainframe technologies, with their defining role in Enterprise Computing, are increasingly relevant in the computing curriculum. How to create an environment where students benefit positively from understanding the platform will be discussed, as well as practical ways that Academics can use the available mainframe learning resources.