This workshop will introduce PhD students and early career researchers to the practices associated with being an accomplished, constructive and respected reviewer. Effective reviewers learn from the review process and, as a result, can see how to improve their own publications. Good reviewers are also recognised by the community and are often offered opportunities that enhance their academic profile, including journal editorial positions and conference track positions. The workshop will be interactive. Refreshments will be provided.

Workshop attendees will:

  • develop an understanding of the life cycle of a review from a journal's perspective by following a paper through the review process and making a decision based on real reviews
  • recognise the range of ethical issues that can be faced by reviewers
  • appreciate how reviews can help develop papers at different stages of the review process
  • understand the differences in review process across journals.


The workshop will be taking place at the Kista Campus, which lies on the metro Blue Line #11, direction Akalla from 9.30-12.30 on 11 June 2019.

Fees for attending the workshop are covered by the general ECIS “Workshop registration fee” (and allow you to attend other workshops on June 10 and June 11 as appropriate).  Please note this workshop overlaps with the full day Junior Faculty Consortium, amongst others, so it will not be possible to attend both.

In advance of the workshop, you are invited to review a real paper submitted to Information Technology and People. 

To help with the structure of the workshop, if you are planning to attend please complete the reviewer information form <> and return it to Edgar ( ) as soon as possible.

The paper is available here <>, and the review form to use is here <>.

Please complete the review and return it to Edgar ( ) by 7 June so he can bring along printed copies to the workshop.  If you are unable to complete the review by this time, please bring along 5 paper copies of your review and email a copy to Edgar in advance of the workshop.

Facilitating individuals, their institutions and contact emails

Dr Edgar Whitley, email:

Any additional information

The three hour workshop is a combination of tutorial and hands on practice of making a decision based on reviews written by workshop participants


Attendees at previous versions of the workshop have spoken highly of the event.  Over 120 students and junior faculty have attended the workshops since 2016 They have said:

"a very insightful and useful session"

"it was invaluable"

"thanks for the great workshop"

"very kindly and carefully prepared workshop. I appreciate the lecture and also the following up activities that letting us sharing the reviews and positioning ourselves as the review managers. That helps me a lot to have a better understanding of a more complete review process than before.

After I go back, definitely will review the whole package and reflect on that. Also thanks for many of the hands-on knowledge shared at the workshop."

"The workshop is absolutely helpful"

"I found the workshop to be extremely insightful. I am sure I will use what I learnt time and again"

"I would love to recommend it to other people. Good structure, good materials, and also good lecturer who explains well ;) great opportunities to learn how to improve our own paper better as well."